Kitten Adventures 2x12pc Jigsaw Puzzle


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By Ravensburger
Two 12-piece jigsaw puzzles featuring cute kittens on their garden adventures!
Finished Puzzle Size: 26 x 18 cm

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Kitten Adventures 2x12pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Ravensburger

Two kitten adventures puzzles for twice the fun! These puzzles include mini posters for image reference and patterned back sides for easy separation.
The perfect selection for your pint-sized puzzlers, featuring engaging designs and Ravensburger’s high-quality, child-friendly formats. Assemble the pieces to reveal cute kitties on their garden adventures!
Ravensburger 2 x 12 piece Puzzles are a fun way to train recognition, logical thinking, patience, and hand-eye coordination. Puzzle difficulty when chosen correctly, strengthens your child’s self esteem and short term memory while having fun!

Finished Puzzle Size: 26 x 18 cm

The superiority of a Ravensburger puzzle is renowned. Individual pieces are stamped with such precision that a quiet “click” can be heard when one piece is inserted in the other – this phenomenon is so unique that it has been named ‘Softclick Technology.’
Ravensburger puzzles are made using unique punching templates and punching tools, which are hand-crafted with watchmaker precision to ensure the greatest possible accuracy and variety of the puzzle pieces.

WARNING! Small parts. Not suitable for children younger than 3 years old.


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